04 July 2007

Eye Opener

I have been doing a lot of reading about peak oil, global warming, and overpopulation lately. Most of what I have read indicates that we are currently about 5 billion people over the sustainable population of the Earth. The sites I have visited talk about how there will be massive scale deaths as we run out of resources to support ourselves. That many people will have to die and not be replaced to being us back in balance with the Earth.

Now, I have often ranted about the incompetence of the FDA. I see them approving drugs that have not been satisfactorily tested, or the tests have been horribly biased. I see too frequent drug recalls because the products were not tested or were tainted. I see more side effects listed on drugs than conditions they are meant to treat. I see our society trading in acute, usually non-fatal diseases (if good hygiene is maintained) for long, drawn out chronic disease. We vaccinate our children, pumping them full of mercury and then wonder why they get brain-damaged. We have chosen autism over mumps. Our medicines often cause as many problems as they treat.

For the longest time, I thought this was sheer incompetence or arrogance. Now I think I understand why it happens. We have known that we have overpopulated the world for some time. But of course, we aren’t going to just have a mass suicide to bring our population down to a sustainable level. Nor can we advocate mass murder to do the same. But we can impoverish our health, dropping our sperm counts and fertility, thus reducing our reproduction and slowing our population boom. We couldn’t do it ourselves, but we could allow someone else to do it for us. So now I just have to wonder if they are arrogant for assuming that we would be okay with this or that they could do it without our catching on, or if they are genius for figuring out how to swindle our numbers without our knowledge.

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