09 September 2008

Showing off my knitting and the kids

I finally decided to show off my work on Ravelry. I still have more stuff to photograph and put up, mostly mittens and hats, but I got all the slippers and recent stuff put up. If you don't have a Ravelry account and do a lot of knitting or crochet, I recommend the site. It is a lot of fun. My username is Segwyne (big surprise there, huh?). The pictures are also up on Flickr, for those of you who don't do Ravelry.

And here are a couple of the kids:This is the first carrot we have pulled from the garden. It is shaped more like a radish.

The girls are doing a craft they got at their Girl Scout meeting last night.

Eirik is taking off his slippers after I photographed them for Ravelry.

What a handsome devil!