20 March 2008

Spring Cleaning?

I have been faithfully reading Casaubon's Book for a while now and she is currently teaching us all about food storage. I was bemoaning to myself that I have no place to store food in this tiny apartment with 7 people in it, when I realized that I do. I will a couple of closets that are not being used to their maximum efficiency. There are clothes sprawled across their floors, boxes that have been opened and look like they have thrown up and all kinds of other fun stuff. So today I am going to start reorganizing and decluttering them. My youngest and last child is now 17 months old and has not used his baby bathtub since he was about 9 months old. I took out the stick-to-the-floor seat when he was 10 months and would stand up in the tub. It wouldn't sitck very well to the bottom of the tub, but it did stick to his behind, making him stand up crooked and smack his sister in the head when he turned around. (They share baths.) Both of those are still in my closet. It is time to Freecycle them. I plan to get rid of most of my baby stuff. Most of it is unnecessary consumer goods. There are a few things I will keep, like the moses basket, for when my grandchildren come along. That basket has been used with my 5 kids, and 2 of friends, and I have only had to redo the handles that wore out. I have just a couple of cute outfits I will keep, too. I had originally planned to have one more child, hopefully a son I could name Boris, but after learning about overpopulation and its troubles, I can only hope vainly that one of my children will give me a grandson named Boris.I will also keep the handmade baby blankets, but donate the rest. Eirik has never really used baby blankets, preferring to sleep in my or his sisters' beds. Once the closets are cleaned, I am calling the local restaurants for 5-gallon buckets and lids so I can see if I can get any whole wheat before it is all sold out across the country.

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