26 April 2008

One denial closer

Yesterday we went to the bank. Really, my husband did since he is the only income in the house, so the bank doesn't care about me, which is a good thing, given my crappy credit (what divorced person doesn't have crappy credit?). I took the kids to the park to await his call saying the appointment was done. I was so nervous I was almost ill. I was so afraid the bank would laugh at us and ask how delusional we thought we were for wanting a mortgage. About half an hour passed then he called. "Come pick me up," he said. He didn't say anything about how it went. I called the kids and for once they didn't whine about wanting to stay and play longer, thank goodness. I picked him up and he said, "Good news and bad news. Good news..." He paused and I said, "She didn't laugh in your face?" He chuckled and said, "That, too." Apparently the bank doesn't finance farms. She directed us to the USDA Rural Development program, and I ended up talking to some guy who asked how much experience we had and if we had a business plan? I didn't know you needed a business plan to live and raise a couple of chickens and goats. To me, that is akin to asking a pregnant woman if she has a degree in early childhood education. A little while later I realized that she probably thought we are going to run a commercial farm rather than a home with a few animals. I called back to explain, but it was near the end of the day, so I had to settle for leaving her a voice mail. The good news, though is that otherwise, the bank was happy to give us the loan. She sent it on up to her supervisor to see if there was something else they could do for us. When hubby told me that, I started to cry. I truly thought that my dreams of having a home of our own would only be that - just dreams. So now I wait until Monday when businesses open again to see if it was a misunderstanding or if banks now decide what kinds of pets homeowners can have.

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