14 July 2008

Identity Crisis

In case you hadn't noticed, this blog has been having a terrible identity crisis. I can't decide if I want to blog about parenting, knitting, activism, or what. I have mostly been blogging just about what happens to inspire a post. It probably doesn't help that I read such varied blogs on a regular basis. The only blog type I read regularly that hasn't influenced this blog has been comics. Be very thankful of that. :)

I don't blog often enough to separate the content into multiple blogs, so I suppose I will have to figure out some other way of organizing the content. Or maybe a multi-purpose blog isn't so bad after all. Any thoughts?


Anita said...

I just write about what's going, or what I'm thinking about, or what the animals are doing, or quotes I like, or whatever . . . my hodgepodge blog, I guess. But it suits me fine and I don't see anything wrong with you doing it . . .

Kati said...

I'm another who writes about what's going on in my day-to-day life. Individual posts as to certain topics are great, so are general "this is what's happening right now" posts.

Segwyne said...

Thanks. I hope I can continue to keep it interesting.

Jen said...

Hi! I found your blog a few weeks ago via Knitting Pattern Central (the monkey pattern is so cute!), and I've been reading your posts, especially on self-sufficiency. Something that not many people are (unfortunately) paying attention to. The 100 items list was such a fantastic idea! I'm going to work on putting one together.

You definitely keep this blog interesting! :-)

(homeschooler in Washington State)

Jenny said...

Why does it have to be focused on one thing? Are you? I don't think you! *grin*

Give us an update on the kids' goings-on!