09 September 2008

Showing off my knitting and the kids

I finally decided to show off my work on Ravelry. I still have more stuff to photograph and put up, mostly mittens and hats, but I got all the slippers and recent stuff put up. If you don't have a Ravelry account and do a lot of knitting or crochet, I recommend the site. It is a lot of fun. My username is Segwyne (big surprise there, huh?). The pictures are also up on Flickr, for those of you who don't do Ravelry.

And here are a couple of the kids:This is the first carrot we have pulled from the garden. It is shaped more like a radish.

The girls are doing a craft they got at their Girl Scout meeting last night.

Eirik is taking off his slippers after I photographed them for Ravelry.

What a handsome devil!

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Anonymous said...

The kids are all grown up! I thought the oldest in the picture was Cait at first....I can't belive its been so long since I've seen the girls. They are beautiful.

Your mom never replied to my email....what email address does she use?

Hope you are all well!