28 June 2007

Boyfriend Season

Originally posted 3/3/07

You may have noticed that I changed the About Me part of my profile to rant about not being invited to Myspace Singles. I have often felt that online dating was getting a bit out of hand, but now I know it has. One of the ads that I often see here on myspace after I post a bulletin or some such has a picture of a handsome young man, with what I would call "bedroom eyes". It says "Boyfriend Season is right around the corner..." and I never bothered to read past that.

What is Boyfriend season? Does that mean that all we parents get to go to the Fish and Game Department for tags for boyfriends? As a mother of 4 girls, I am dreading when they get old enough for boyfriends. I will gladly sit at the door with a hunting rifle and try to take them out as they dash for the door to try to date my daughters. How many tags do I get? Is it based on how many daughters I have? How beautiful (and thus desired by potential boyfriends) they are? Do I technically have to wait until they ask my daughters out? Or are those free? Do I only need tags for the ones that my girls say yes to? Oh please tell me where I can sign up for Boyfriend Season!

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