28 June 2007

How stupid am I?

Originally posted 2/22/07

Those of you who actually read my bulletins may have noticed that I enjoy filling out silly surveys and quizzes. Well just now I was checking my page here and I saw that one of the sponsors was a quiz labeled "Are you Stupid?" So of course I had to go see just how stupid someone could be. First I had to input my first name and an email address so they could send me the results. That was acceptable. But being the paranoid person I am, I used my internet alias and my spam account. I'm not that stupid. :) Then I had to enable javascript. OK, many sites use java to run correctly. I answered 20 questions which were fun, such as, "Do you think President Bush will be re-elected in this upcoming race?", and "Should thespians be allowed to adopt?" I finished the questions and the site then required last name. mailing address, phone number and DOB. I filled all of the m except for DOB with bogus information. I lived at 123 Anystreet and calling my number would get you directory assistance. It then asked me which special offers I wanted. I clicked no to all of them, and it was quite an extensive list. It said I had to pick at least one, so I chose one that said "Candy - Hershey's or Reese's?" because I am not diabetic (which offered several options), I have no roofing projects I need done, and I am not interested in a career in criminal law (that's Jenny's thing). Then it asked me to choose where I wanted my $50 gift card to be spent, and that is when I decided I'm not that stupid. So to answer their original question of "Are You Stupid?", my answer is, "Only a little, for clicking on your link to begin with!"

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