28 June 2007

I believe

Originally posted 9/24/06

I went to a new church today for the second week, and decided to make an appointment to sit down and talk religion with the Reverend. I got home and realized that if I am going to discuss religion with a minister, then I should first attempt to put down in writing what I actually believe. So I did just that when I got home after I took a rest. Here is what I came up with. What is particularly remarkable about this is that I actually knew when I was done writing it. I didn't end it because I couldn't think of anything else to say, I ended it because it was complete. I have never written like that before. The other thing is that it is remarkably well organized. I never felt like I should go back and reorganize it into something more coherent. That is also amazing since I am a stream-of-consciousness writer, rather than having any organization. So here goes...

I believe there are immortal divine spirits. I believe they exist primarily on a different level of reality from us. I believe every living thing has a soul or spirit that is connected to the divine spirits. I believe the relationship can most easily be comprehended by us as that of parent and child. I believe that life on Earth is all related to one deity, whose "home" and domain is the planet Earth. I believe each deity has a distinct home/domain.

I believe that our bodies are holy, and when used and treated in accordance with its holy and perfect design, we will maintain perfect health, our birthright. I believe that the world is holy and sacred, and when used and treated as such, will support and nurture us indefinitely, as the physical manifestation of the Goddess' love for us. I believe that we are hear to serve the Earth and the Goddess, not for them to serve us.

I believe in eternal life, but not in eternal damnation. I believe in reincarnation, and that we live each life to learn new lessons. I believe that if we do not learn our lesson for this life, we will return to learn the lesson in another life.

I believe that the gods are more powerful than we, but even they have limits to their power. I have not yet concluded whether or not they are subject to a universal/multiversal deity. I believe that the more we live in accordance with the natural laws, the stronger our relationship with the Goddess will be, and the more we each will benefit from it. I believe that every action we take, every word we say, has an effect on this relationship.

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